Spa Castle encompasses many exciting and refreshing amenities to keep you busy exploring for days. Aside from all the great features found inside, the most popular thing to do during your stay is… to do nothing. Spa Castle provides ample space for all its guests to do just that. From plush lazy boy recliners to traditional heated floors, the choices of where to nap are plentiful.

Ondol Room

Ondol, which translates to “warm stone” in Korean, is a traditional room covered in heated floors. Ondols have been traditionally used in a living space for sitting, eating and sleeping. As opposed to Western customs of plush, cushioned beds and seats, Asian traditions find comfort in sleeping on bare floors, with only a wooden head rests for support. Ondol rooms are popular in Asian spas as it provides a warm place to lay down after venturing in and out of the sauna rooms.

Located in the back of each locker room and on 2nd floor

Locker Room Lounge

Each locker room has a alcove made just for plush couches. Watch some TV in this common area, or just lay down and take a nap. This locker room lounge is fit for a king and queen.