dal-05_07_15-coverFor years, our gay friends have been encouraging us to visit a Korean spa.
Years ago we walked through one on a guided tour, but never actually stayed to enjoy it.
So when Spa Castle invited us to check out their massive Carrollton retreat, we jumped at the chance.

Then we remembered jumping was the opposite of relaxing.

Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love Spa Castle, too.

Gold Pyramid Sauna

Hit the Valley, Girl

The price of admission gets you access to a bevy of amenities, starting with 24-hour Sauna Valley, a collection of
10 different co-ed rooms designed with specific healing properties based on temperature and materials.
Our favorite is the gold pyramid (above), lined with plates of 98% pure gold. Some believe
it reduces dependency on caffeine, nicotine, carbohydrates and alcohol, which is a good thing because…

Aqua Panorama1 copy

Swim Like a Fish, Don’t Drink Like One

There’s a swim-up bar serving beer, wine and cocktails! Most Korean spas don’t serve booze,
so this is a real perk. Just bear in mind, it’s a three-drink maximum per person. Surprisingly,
we found sobriety as refreshing as the cold plunge in the men’s locker room.
The bar doesn’t open until noon, but all co-ed pools and hot tubs are available for
soaking and splashing from 8:00 a.m. until midnight.


Clothing Optional. Relaxation Mandatory.

If you’re shy, you may want to stick with the outdoor pools and other public areas.
If not, then prepare to unwind au natural in the men’s locker room and wet area that includes
multiple showers, a dry sauna, a steam room and several tubs of varying temperatures and water features.

Nudity is no big deal in the Korean spa setting and once you get used to it, it’s quite liberating.
Just make sure you don’t forget to put on your provided uniform when you leave the men’s area. Being pointed at while naked is never fun.

Avenue S Couple Massage


A variety of massage, reflexology, skin and nail services can be scheduled for an extra fee.
The most luxurious can be found in Avenue S and its private VIP suites (above).
Even though the photo features a straight couple, there wasn’t a bit of awkwardness or question
when we had our partner join us for a 90-minute massage after a long soak in the private hot tub with fresh fruit and hot tea.
In fact, we saw many gay and lesbian couples throughout the spa.

The One room interior 2

Stay a While
Not only are there three places to get nourishment on-site, including a sushi bar, a Pan-Asian restaurant and a juice bar,
there’s The One Boutique Hotel right in the building. Each contemporary room has a wonderfully
comfortable Serta iComfort Prodigy Memory foam bed with cool action gel, a 42-inch TV
wireless internet and electronically controlled lighting, shades, heating and cooling systems.
The bathroom features Bvlgari bath products and a large soaking tub. You know, in case you didn’t get enough at the spa.
Best of all, by staying in a room overnight, you can wake up early to start the whole relaxation process all over again.

Trust us, you may never want to leave. But when you do, you’ll be squeaky clean.