Our rejuvenating facials, specialized manicures, pedicures, and body treatments are designed bring back your radiance and invigorate your skin.

*There is a $40 (Mon to Fri) $50 (Sat, Sun & Holidays) entrance fee for the facility, reservations do not cover these entrance fees.
*There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. All spa reservations cancelled prior to the 48 hour time period arrival date will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Beauty Salon


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  • Manicure ($15)
  • Gel Manicure ($45)
  • Aroma Spa Manicure ($25)
  • Lavender rejuvenating ($50)
  • Change of Polish ($10)
  • French Polish/Nail Buff ($5)


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  • Pedicure ($30)
  • Gel Pedicure ($60)
  • 7-Grain Enzyme Pedicure ($45)
  • Seasonal Pedicure ($55)
  • Chai Latte ($70)
  • Lavender Signature Pedicure ($90)
  • Change of Polish ($15)
  • French Polish / Buff ($7)


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  • Sports Men Pedicure ($45)
  • Executive Men’s Pedicure ($65)


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  • Eyes ($15)
  • Lips ($12)
  • Chin ($15)
  • Cheek ($18)
  • Under Arm ($25)
  • Half Arm ($40)
  • Full Arm ($60)
  • Half Leg ($35)
  • Upper Leg ($40)
  • Full Leg (60)
  • Shoulder & Neck ($30)
  • Back ($55)
  • Chest ($55)
  • Bikini ($30)
  • Semi Brazilian Bikini ($55)
  • Full Brazilian Bikini ($70)

* 10 min. additional massage extra $10

Call to Book : 972-242-4141


Back Facial
($100 / 60min Session)
A thorough cleansing intended to remove impurities. Ideal for those prone to problematic skin and acne.
Sea Salt Scrub
($90 / 40min Session)
The beautiful high notes of citrus and peppermint aroma oil blended with purified sea salt removes flakiness and invigorates the skin.
Million Bubble Body Scrub
($110 / 60min Session)
Unique body treatment consisting of Eurasian techniques of exfoliation, a million bubble massage, and a hydrating body cream application to leave the skin silky smooth.
Honey Milk Body Wrap
($140 / 70min Session)

An intensive skin care treatment that pampers dry skin by removing rough skin cells then indulging the body in a moisturizing honey milk wrap.

Detoxifying Mud Wrap
($150 / 70min Session)

Effective in complete detoxification and nourishment of the skin. The mud mask removes toxins accumulated in cellulite and pores, while firming and revitalizing your skin.

Scentsational Body Scrub
($120 / 60 min Session)

Begin by choosing from one of many body scrub scents and start off with a complete total body cleanse followed by an invigorating body scrub, and exfoliation.

* Hot stone cream application can be added to any Body Treatment at an additional charge of $20.

Facial Treatments

Express Facial
($65 / 30min Session)

Cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a refreshing mask.

O2 Balancing
($90 / 60min Session)

A heavenly cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and light extraction, followed by a relaxing face and decollete massage and mask using exclusive oxygen cream will leave your skin nourished and hydrated.

Enzyme Deep Pore Cleansing
($100 / 70min Session)

Refreshingly designed to clear congested pores and provide an in-depth cleansing for problem skin. Includes an enzyme and nutrient formulated mask to promote exfoliation, deep pore cleansing extraction and restoration.

Acne Treatment
($120 / 70min Session)

For a clear and healthy complexion, this innovative method treats oily skin troubled with blemishes and acne.

Repair Treatment
($120 / 70min Session)

Specially designed for individuals who spend much time outdoors. Repairs complexion, reduces harmful UV damages and hyper-pigmentation, bringing back radiance.

Aroma Organic Peel
($130 / 70min Session)

Removes dead skin cells, cleanses, rejuvenates, clears acne and hyper-pigmentation, through the use of an innovative, organic peel. A non-evasive alternative to clinical chemical peels.

Skin Recovery / Ultra-Sensitive Care Facial
($140 / 80min Session)

Soothes and nourishes irritated, sensitive skin, minimizing redness and inflammation to achieve a healthy hydrated glow. Ideal for post-laser, botox, and chemical peels as this is designed to calm and restore cell membranes to balance the skin.

Caviar Firming Facial
($140 / 80min Session)

Indulge your skin with richly textured, lavish caviar. The extract will restore your skin’s strength, vitality and resilience. An exquisite and effective treatment for the ultimate luxurious experience.

Vital Lifting and Firming Facial with Collagen Mask
($150 / 80min Session)

This top of the line facial focuses on our premium firming Ampoule treatment and collagen mask. Help boost skin’s elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines. Lifting facial massage techniques will give the skin a healthy and glowing complexion.

Spa Castle Signature Facial
($180 / 90min Session)

Our customized, ultimate care facial will correct common skin problems such as congested pores, dehydrations, aging and discoloration. Your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, youthful and radiant. The treatment begins with a 10 minute back massage followed with a detoxifying neck, shoulder and decollete massage to complete this blissful facial.

Executive Men’s Facial
($120 / 60min Session)

Achieve an executive look and feel. This specially designed treatment for men cleanses, exfoliates, tones and extracts.

Lavender Special Packages

Sweet Escape

O2 Balancing Facial + 15min Back Massage + Sea Salt Body Scrub

Dream Escape

Caviar Facial + Million Bubble Body Scrub + Hot Stone Cream Application