Hand & Foot


Reflexology is a technique that involves stimulation and massaging different pressure points found throughout the hands and feet to reduce pains and correct imbalances found in the internal organs that correspond with those pressure points.  Despite doing wonders for the internal workings of your body, this service alleviates muscle tensions and aches.

30 min. Hand Reflexology
( $40 / 30 min. )
30 min. Foot Reflexology
( $40 / 30 min. )
60 min. Foot Reflexology
( $70 / 60 min. )
60 min. Hand and Foot Reflexology
( $70 / 60 min. )

A form of payment and a valid ID must be presented to the info desk on 2nd floor at the time of service.

*There is a $40 (Mon to Fri) $50 (Sat, Sun & Holidays) entrance fee for the facility, reservations do not cover these entrance fees.
*There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. All spa reservations cancelled prior to the 48 hour time period arrival date will not be charged a cancellation fee.